Energy Efficiency Audit

Looking for to reduce energy consumption and costs as well as reducing your environmental impact? Your Energy Manager can undertake an Energy Efficiency Audit of your business to help identify energy efficiency measures that right for your business. Audits can be light touch or in depth depending on your requirements and can be fully compliant with ESOS if required (See our ESOS page). If after receiving your report you need help in implementing and managing its recommendations your assigned Energy Manager will be on hand should you need them (See Business Energy Manager page).

How can an audit save energy & money?

We will review and analyse current and historical data to identify possible areas for energy and cost savings.

To achieve maximum possible savings we offer advance software solutions that will help monitor your consumption in greater detail.  The software allows your energy manager to analyse your consumption patterns in greater detail taking in to account variations in weather and business activities (using our software is an optional addition to the audit process).

The information gathered from review of your energy data will help inform the physical audit.

An audit of your business activities

The audit will consist of a physical inspection of your business premises.  The detail of audit will be agreed with yourselves before hand.  This can range form a high level audit, where the assessor looks at general energy savings that that be achieved or a more detailed audit that focuses of particular processes/activities.

The assessor will use data from the audit and analyses of your energy consumption to write a detailed report.

Setting clear, achievable goals & opportunites

The report will summarise your business energy consuming activities a identify opportunities for saving energy and costs.

The report will catergorise the potential savings in to long, medium and short term payback terms and provide an estimated return on investment for each suggestion.