Looking for market leading utility rates for gas, electric and water? We offer this service as part of our energy management package, however, as with all our services, you can cherry pick the ones you would like to use. Upon receiving your Letter of Authority we will contact your utility company to determine when your current contract(s) expire. When the time comes to renew, we will automatically present your with some of the best tariffs out there. 

The idea is that we do the hard work for you. All you have to do is confirm that you accept the tariffs offered, and we do the rest. The EnergyFit difference: we take the time to understand your business energy demands. By understanding your consumption we can ensure that tariff suggestions you receive match your energy demands. We recommend that you couple this service with our Freelance Energy Management service which includes the following services: 24/7 monitoring & reporting of your consumption , bespoke energy saving advice and help from an energy management professional, automatic renewal of utility contracts to ensure that you are always on the best tariffs available. Saving you time, money and energy. To find out more please see Business Energy Manager page.

How do I find out more information/book your service? 

E-mail contact@energyfit.co.uk and we will send you a Letter of Authority (LOA). This will allow us to contact your utility supplier to obtain your supply information. We will not enter in to any agreement without your express permission. You are not obligated to use us. We provide our best quote. We are confident that our quote will be one of the lowest you will receive. There is no obligation to use us, so it is always worth seeing what we can offer. If you agree we offer the best rates and service available, accept our quote and start saving! We will manage all aspects of switching suppliers on your behalf


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