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About EnergyFit…..

EnergyFit aims to make your organisation Leaner and Greener.  We have extensive experience in energy management and energy compliance.  You can cherry pick the services your require, from the provision of a single EPC to full ESOS compliance.  Our aim is to be the perfect ‘fit’ for your business.

In addition to our compliance services, we offer innovative energy management packages aimed at businesses and educational establishments.   In most cases, we guarantee the money saved will be significantly greater than the cost of the service.

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ESOS compliance


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Display Energy Certificates


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Energy Brokering


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Energy Efficiency Audits

Artificial Intelligent Energy Management

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Energy Management Software


Streamlined Energy

Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting


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Bill Validation Service

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Commercial EPCs


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Energy Efficiency Technology

Energy Saving Tech

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Renewable Energy